Hearing Aids

Hearing Aids

At Ear Science Centre we have expertise in hearing aids. We have collaborations with leading hearing instrument manufacturers like Siemens (Signia), Resound GN, and Oticon. We follow a patient centric approach while recommending hearing aids. 

We first understand the patient’s hearing difficulties, their listening and lifestyle needs. We then carry out the required tests to determine the hearing aids that best suit the patient’s needs. 

Hearing aid instruments are priced between Rs 9,000 to Rs 2,50,000/-

There is wide variation in prices because of the technology used in the hearing aids. Hearing aid technology can be classified into following categories.

Latest technology hearing automatic and rechargeable aids - Rs 1,30,000 onwards. 

•     Best suited for patients who want maximum speech clarity with minimum amount of external noise. 
•    Ideally suited for an individual who leads active lifestyle, constantly moving from house, to office and to other environments, interacting with many individuals. 
•    These hearing aids have rechargeable capability.
•    These hearing aids are connected to cloud and can be reprogrammed/readjusted without having the need to visit the clinic. 
•    These hearing aids offer the highest satisfaction in terms of sound quality and clarity. 

Mid Level Technology automatic hearing aids - Rs 50,000 each

•    Best suited for a person who leads a retired lifestyle and moves around into limited places like market, bank etc. 
•    These hearing aids have efficient automatic noise reduction. These hearing aids reduce the background noise automatically in noisy areas like markets and restaurants. 
•     As they hearing aids are automatic they require very little manual adjustments from the user.

Basic technology automatic hearing aids - Rs 35,000 each

•    Best Suited for a person who leads a retired lifestyle and is mainly at home
•    These hearing aids have automatic noise reduction. The efficiency of noise reduction is poor as they are a basic technology hearing aids.  So if the client lives in a quiet area they will be comfortable with these devices. 

Economy Programmable hearing aid - Rs 16,000 each

•     Best suited for a patient looking for economically priced hearing aids. 
•    These hearing aids work well in a very quiet place and when someone speaks from a close distance
•    Hearing aids lack clarity when someone speaks from a distance and in presence of background noise. 

Economy non-programmable hearing aid - Rs 9,000 each

•    Best Suited for a client who wants to improve their hearing marginally 
•    These hearing aids cannot be programmed for accuracy, therefore, they tend to amplify all the sounds. 
•    These hearing aids increase volume but lack in clarity. 
•    Clients are advised to have low expectations with these hearing aids. 

Hearing aids - most popular shapes

Receiver in the ear hearing aids (RIE hearing aids)
Invisible in the canal hearing aids (IIC hearing aids)
Behind the ear hearing aids (BTE hearing aids)


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