Hearing Assessment

Hearing Assessment

At Ear Science Centre we have the expertise in hearing assessment irrespective of the patient age.

Did you know that we can test a child’s hearing soon after its birth? Yes, we have a set of highly sophisticated tests which can ascertain the hearing ability in children.

The same holds true for adults who have difficulties with their hearing ability.

All tests are conducted by qualified audiologists.

We are capable of assessing your hearing with many tests, few of the important ones are listed below.

• Video Otoscopy
• Pure Tone Audiometry
• Tympanometry
• Acoustic reflex testing
• Real ear measurements
• Speech Mapping
• Auditory brainstem response measurements (ABR/BERA)
• Auditory steady state response measurements (ASSR)
• Cochlear microphonic test
• Otoacoustic emissions
• And many others

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